You are Invited: January 29, 2016 Chinese New Year and Multicultural Event

 Taijiquan Enthusiasts Organization Chinese New Year

The Taijiquan Enthusiasts Organization is hosting a Chinese New Year and Multicultural Event on Sunday, January 29, 2017 from 12:00 to 8:30 pm at the Lai Lai Garden at 1144 Dekalb Pike, Blue Bell PA 19422. {Click here for directions}.

(Click here to download a flyer with the schedule)

It will be a fun event including Taiji and Martial Arts workshops, holistic health vendors, bollywood dancing, musician, demonstrations, and a 12 course Chinese dinner. $85 for entire day (three workshops and dinner). Register here (and pay online) by January 25 for a $5 discount. Because we are a 501c3 non-profit organization, your payment is tax deductible for the amount contributed over the actual value of dinner ($50). Let Stella Deeble know if you need a receipt from HPL 501c3 Institute for your tax records {Click here for Stella's contact info.}


Use one of these buttons as appropriate to register online (and get a discount). (After clicking, you will get the opportunity to pay using either your credit card or pay pal.)


These buttons will be removed on January 25, 2017, so if you don't register by then, you will have to pay full price at the door.

There are several other possible registrations. You might want to register a child for dinner (only $25 for teens age 12 - 18, and $15 for children under 12). You can also register for just one or two workshop ($10 each). You also might want to register several people at one time instead of entering your credit card information separately for each person. In all of those cases, calculate the amount you will be contributing, and use the button below where you will be asked to enter the amount to pay. Please be sure to type into the description what you are paying for. You can also contact Stella Deeble to explain more fully what you would like and she will match up your credit card amount to what you would like to register for.

(And yes, we are waiting impatiently for CIRWEP so that we can have a full-service online registration system. It is coming - soon. Watch for it.)

Save The Date!!!

On September 8, 9, & 10, 2017 we will be holding a fabulous Symposium for Integrative Health Symposium, Tai Chi Festival, and Qigong Retreat, (aka "The Symposium" or "SyIHTQ") at Maris Stella Conference and Retreat Center at Harvey Cedars on Long Beach Island in New Jersey. Please make a note of it in your calendar. Calls for workshops and papers as well as more details will be forthcoming shortly. Hope to see you there!


If you are interested in coming under our insurance policy, then you can apply to become a Professional Member of HPL Institute. In addition to getting Liability Insurance Coverage, you will be able to list your classes, workshops, and events in our database, and eventually (when they are finally ready) use our CIRWEP tools to promote your services. Cost is $295 a year (but you don't pay until you've been accepted. You do have to sign an Ethics pledge). If you want to list your classes but don't need insurance, you can become a Practitioner Member instead ($180). [Don't choose this until we actually have our database up and running - hopefully by 2017.]


To apply for professional membership, fill out this form [click here for application] and return to us.

Once completed and sent to Stella@HPLConsortium.org or HPL 501c3 Institute, PO Box 564, Douglassville, PA 19518, you will receive a welcoming email and a link to pay. If you would like to renew your professional membership from last year, you can use this button:


The current Managing Director of Taijiquan Enthusiasts Organization (Luke Jih) has temporarily suspended membership fees for non-professional members of Taijiquan Enthusiasts Organization. If you'd like to donate, however, please do so here:


For years we've been debating about providing benefits for Tai chi Teachers such as third party verification of certification. For years we encourage people to contact the NQA for certification. However, we recently discovered that the NQA will not certify Tai Chi teachers, only Qigong Health Practitioners and Instructors. As a result, we are looking into certifying Tai chi teachers ourselves. If you are interested in serving on the committee to make that happen, please contact CJ at CJRhoads@TaijiquanEnthusiasts.org.