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One of the goals of the Taijqiuan Enthusiasts Organization is finding high quality statistically valid research on the benefits (or not) of Taijiquan/Qigong as well as many other integrative health practices.  The problems regarding finding high quality non-biased research that can truly distinguish the healthful practices from the hogwash are many.  Unfortunately those who are passionate about the subject often ignore the bias that exists in much of the "so called" research that has been published over the past five decades. That makes it very hard for those of us who are assessing real scientific evidence of the benefits of qigong and/or taijiquan to separate the chafe (biased studies) from the wheat (unbiased studies).  This bias makes it more difficult for the benefits of Qigong and Taijiquan to be accepted by the medical community. 


To foster and encourage high quality research, the Taijiquan Enthusiasts Organization fully supports two other groups: The NQA Research and Education Committee , and Asklepios, a research group for integrative medicine.